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Holiday Club

Make the most of the school holidays with the Lingua Connect Holiday Club!

This unique one week English language learning online course for 7-14 year olds aims to develop skills and confidence in English in a fun, interactive and international environment. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for children and young people to be introduced to, or build upon, their English skills in a structured, collaborative and exciting environment while building friendships with others from across the world. We keep our class sizes small so that every child feel heard and seen. 


What is Holiday Club?

Two-hour daily live classes in a small group of up to 10 pupils, from up to 10 different countries!

Classes are fully online and accessible from anywhere, whether you are at home or on holiday.

Fun and applicable topic based learning, giving children the tools for real life scenarios and conversations.

Practice of the key linguistic skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Grammar.

Fun interactive and collaborative games, competitions and group work

15th - 19th AUGUST 2022


Our Lingua Connect term time courses begin September 2022.

If your child enjoyed Holiday Club and you think this style of learning would be something you would like to continue with, we are offering a number of additional benefits to families who transition from Holiday Club to Lingua Connect!






Holiday Club is a one week course beginning on 15th August 2022 and ending on 19th August 2022

Each day will consist of 2 hours of live classes for the full 5 days.

Classes will introduce your child to the world of English language learning online through fun scenario-based activities, high quality teaching and collaborative group work, culminating in a presentation on the last Friday.

A one-off payment of £150 upon enrolment will secure your child's place at Holiday Club with no additional fees for the duration. 

The main detail.... it's educational, flexible and FUN!

Interested in your child attending Holiday club? 



Please state on the enrolment form if you are interested in Lingua Connect Holiday Club, Term Time classes or both!